Pilates is a method of movement and exercise focusing on the 6 main Pilates Principles: Centering, Concentration, Control, Breath, Precision and Flow. The Pilates method works on strengthening the ‘Powerhouse’ or core muscle group, improving flexibility, balance, spine alignment, strength, endurance, co-ordination and posture whilst increasing lung capacity and circulation through deep thoracic breathing techniques.

Our sessions at the Wellness Garden will consist of mat work, pilates reformer, balls, resistance rings, stability cushions, foams rollers etc… varying from session to session taking into consideration your posture & movement patterns, injury history, imbalances, restrictions and weaknesses, your life situation… how your day/week has been and will be tailored around your needs improving your alignment, strength, movement, breath and awareness.

Private pilates sessions are the ideal place to start if your new to pilates or have an injury or goal that you are working towards. All sessions are either on a 1-2-1 basis, 2-1 instructor basis or small group sessions are available too. We offer block bookings of 5 or 10 sessions at a discounted rate.


All first sessions will be 90 mins long to give us a chance to meet and discuss your needs, fill out relevant health questionnaires, discuss injury histories, have postural assessments to help me to observe how your body moves and to see which session will be best suited to you.

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Wellness Garden brings together Susie Ferry’s 21 years of experience to provide classes, workshops and private sessions around yoga, mindfulness, reiki and rehabilitation.


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